*Enrollment is Currently Closed*

Fly Fishing Made Easy is reopening to the public in Summer of 2020, but my private Facebook Group has some great trainings that are designed just for beginners. 

Members of the Facebook group will have exclusive access to join before anyone else, and you can find answers there to your toughest questions. 

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Welcome! My name is Daniel Munger and I'm the founder of Fly Fishing Made Easy. 

I've been teaching people to fly fish since my early 20's, and I think most fly fishers make things WAY too complicated

When I first got started, it seemed like all my basic questions were answered with convoluted explanations, and it was super frustrating. 

After 10+ years of teaching and guiding, what I've discovered is that it truly isn't very difficult to start catching fish, but you have to know what to focus on and what to ignore. 

My mission is to help simplify the world of fly fishing for people that are just getting started through an online community and my flagship online program: Fly Fishing Made Easy. 
"Hey Daniel, this is awesome. 

I have been fly fishing for about a year, had one free casting class and that's it. I have fallen into all the newbie traps. 

With this first video, I am consciously correcting and seeing results. That line is laying straight more often than not. Looking forward to practice and future videos.”

-Stephen R