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"10 Things I wish I knew when i started fly fishing"
Here's a secret: new and even experienced fly fishers make the same common mistakes, and it kills them on the water...

In addition, most beginners are told to focus on complex things that don't really matter.

When I got started, I made a lot of those mistakes and it took me years to fix them.  

This training will help you avoid those mistakes and focus on the things that are actually important,  and you'll be able to catch more fish without over thinking it. 

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Welcome! My name is Daniel Munger and I'm the founder of Fly Fishing Made Easy. 

I've been teaching people to fly fish since my early 20's, and I think most fly fishers make things WAY too complicated

Truthfully, it doesn't have to be difficult.

If someone would have shown me the this stuff when I first got started, I would have caught a lot more fish and would've been much happier. 

I know you'll learn a lot and you'll catch more fish. See you on the inside!!
"Dan is a very genuine guy and knows his stuff. It’s easy to follow what he’s saying and 
when you start seeing more fish on the end of your line, the trust grows!"
-Brandon B. in Ohio