Tips On Fly Fishing Tips On Fly Fishing

There are thousands of live-bait anglers, who are excellent sportsmen, but the fly fisherman can practice better conservation from the beginning. Basically, fly fishing is not only one of the fastest... 

Fly Fishing Equipment: The Basic Choices in Fly Fishing Rods Fly Fishing Equipment: The Basic Choices in Fly Fishing Rods

Perhaps the most important piece of fly fishing gear you will need to choose is your fly fishing rod. Though fly fishing is a simple art, it is a precise one. When reading the riseform on a river... 

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Thoughts On Freshwater vs. Saltwater Fishing Thoughts On Freshwater vs. Saltwater Fishing

I love fishing of any kind, but some people prefer fishing in saltwater and some people prefer fishing in freshwater. Many people feel very strongly about their decision, and sometimes you can elicit the same type of reaction from them as you would if you questioned their religion. Freshwater fishing is usually a more slow paced style of fishing... 

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Locating the Best Bass Fishing Areas Locating the Best Bass Fishing Areas

What is it in bass fishing that everybody is driven on to engage on such an activity? People get fond of bass fishing that is why every trend that they hear about really catches their interests and as much as possible get into it. “Where are the what…? Where are the bass!” How many of the anglers (tournament and recreational) go to a body of water you’ve never fished before, drop... [Read more of this review]

What Bass Fishing Equipment To Use What Bass Fishing Equipment To Use

One of the most important things in the world of bass fishing equipment is being prepared and having the right, correct equipment for catching some of the biggest fishes ever seen! Bass fishing equipment is a business but a very rewarding one as it can prove very helpful to have the proper rods and reels when you’re out on the lake searching for that huge catch to help bring home the big fish. Bass... [Read more of this review]

The Secrets To Bass Fishing The Secrets To Bass Fishing

You just recently discovered the wonderful hobby of fishing but you aren’t sure what to do next. Which fish should you try for? What bait do you use? Well, here is a bit of info to help you get started on your fishing journey. This will help you take the guesswork out of one of the most favorite past times – Bass fishing. So lets get started on giving you some secrets of Bass fishing. First,... [Read more of this review]

Handy Tips For Bass Fishing Handy Tips For Bass Fishing

Fishing different species of fish requires different techniques and tools. Generally it can be divided into fresh water and sea fishing and some species from the same family of fish live in the sea while others thrive in fresh water. An example of this is Bass fishing. Bass fishing is undeniably one of the most sought after and wildly popular fresh water fishing sport only to be surpassed by trout... [Read more of this review]

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